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Las Vegas car crash claims

Do Online Settlement Calculators Give Accurate Results?

Many crash victims may use an online claim settlement calculator to help them find out how much their case could be worth. After trying multiple online calculators, however, victims may begin to wonder why the estimates on these sites vary so much. At High Stakes Injury Law, we can tell you that these calculators are […]

Can You Be Liable for a Crash Your Teen Driver Causes?

Getting a driver’s license is an important step in helping teens become more independent. However, because of a lack of driving experience and maturity, a teen driver is more at risk for causing a serious crash. This may raise a lot of valid questions for parents of teen drivers. For instance, can you be liable […]

Are You Liable if Someone Steals Your Car and Crashes it?

Can victims of car theft be held liable if a thief crashes their car? What is a car owner’s responsibility in this situation? If the victim’s vehicle is recovered, but damaged, will insurance still pay to repair or replace it? Learn more about what could happen if your vehicle is stolen and then involved in […]

Can You Correct Police Report Errors After a Collision?

In Las Vegas, a police report needs to be filed within 10 days of a car crash. It provides critical details about the incident, vehicles and drivers involved. However, what if you get this report for an injury claim only to find it contains one or more mistakes? Can you get police report errors removed […]

Who is Liable for an Obstructed View Auto Accident?

If you drive, you have likely experienced stopping at an intersection where your view of oncoming traffic is blocked. It is a frustrating experience and often nerve-racking for most drivers. How can you tell if it is safe to go through the intersection when your line of sight is blocked? If you are unsure about […]

Delayed Car Crash Symptoms That Could Mean a Serious Injury

Delayed car crash symptoms are common, even following a minor accident. Some symptoms are more visible, while others may be unapparent for hours, days or weeks afterward. Many crash victims may think because they do not see a wound or feel much pain, they do not need to go the hospital. However, not getting examined […]

What Injured Victims Often Ask a Lawyer After a Car Crash

Traffic accidents create a lot of unexpected issues for victims. In addition to seeking medical care for any injuries, there are also medical costs, property damages, and the insurance company to deal with. Often, the best decision an injured victim can make after a car crash is to seek legal help. At High Stakes Injury […]

When Could Drivers Be Liable for Damages Due to Improper High Beam Use?

When driver negligence leads to a car crash, serious injuries and costly property damage can occur. One very common type of negligent driving behavior is the misuse of high beams. When oncoming motorists cannot see due to the bright lights of another driver’s high beams, even for a few seconds, the natural reaction is to […]

What Evidence May Help to Prove You Were Hit by a Distracted Driver?

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of car crashes in Nevada and across the country. Most people think of texting and driving when they hear about this phenomenon, but this is not the only distracted driving behavior that can lead to a collision. If you suspect that the negligence of a distracted driver […]

Liability if Failing to Signal a Turn or Lane Change Causes a Crash

Turn signals are designed to alert others that a driver is about to turn or change lanes. When used properly, this simple but effective device could prevent hundreds of thousands of senseless collisions. Unfortunately, many drivers who fail to use their turn signal may cause serious harm to others in a lane change crash. Whatever […]

Seeking Compensation After a Road Rage Accident in Las Vegas

Road rage accidents are not like other crashes caused by driver error or negligence. They are due to extreme reckless or aggressive driving that turns into a criminal act. The at-fault parties in these incidents are out-of-control, making them very dangerous to others. If you find yourself on the receiving end, do you know how […]

What is Maximum Medical Improvement – MMI – in a Car Crash Claim?

Reaching maximum medical improvement in a car crash claim is an important milestone in an accident victim’s recovery. It is also when attorneys will have the information that they need to accurately calculate the full value of that victim’s claim. At High Stakes Injury Law, we have extensive knowledge of all types of car crash […]

Why Documenting Injuries After a Car Crash May Help Your Claim

Car crash victims face disruption from their normal lives, an unexpected financial burden and sometimes, may never fully recover. Getting the medical care you need is expensive, even for minor injuries, so recovering maximum compensation to help pay for those damages is important. While there are no guarantees in the legal process, there are steps […]

Can Nevada Crash Victims File Diminished Value Claims?

After a traffic accident that damages your vehicle, you may have the option of getting it fixed. However, even if the repair shop makes it look and run like new again, your vehicle will not recover to its pre-crash value. Drivers in this situation may wonder if they can recover any compensation for the lost […]

Could a Preexisting Injury Affect My Nevada Car Crash Claim?

Accident victims injured because of another driver’s negligence are likely eligible to seek compensation for their damages. However, what if the injured victim had an injury that was preexisting? Would this prevent the victim from being able to recover damages from the at-fault party? At High Stakes Injury Law, we have decades of experience helping […]