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Summerlin NV Truck Accident Lawyer



Hurt in a Semi-Truck Accidents in Summerlin? Call High Stakes Injury Law for Hep 

At High Stakes Injury Law, our Summerlin truck accident lawyers are driven to provide aggressive, effective representation to truck accident victims and families. With more than $500 million recovered on behalf of our clients, our legal team is on the side of the people who need support the most—not truck companies and their large insurance providers. Were you or a loved one involved in a collision with a large commercial truck? We are here to help. Contact our legal team today for a free, fully private initial consultation with an experienced Summerlin truck accident lawyer. 

Large Commercial Trucks Can Cause Truly Catastrophic Injuries

Large commercial trucks are towering behemoths of the road. A fully loaded tractor trailer in Clark County can weigh as much 80,000 pounds. They often are 20 or 30 times larger than a passenger car—and large trucks pose an even greater risk of motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Given their immense size and weight, it is crucial that semi-trucks are operated in the safest possible manner. When accidents happen, the consequences can be catastrophic, life-altering, or even deadly for a truck accident victim. 

What to Do After a Semi-Truck Accidents in Summerlin

Were you or your close family member involved in a large commercial trucking accident in Summerlin? If so, you have likely have a lot of questions about your rights, your responsibilities, and your legal options. Knowing what to do can make all of the difference. Here are four important steps to take after an eighteen wheeler crash in Clark County: 

  1. Stop Your Vehicle and Report the Collision: Nevada law requires all motorists in a crash to stop their vehicle, exchange information with the truck driver, and remain at the scene of the collision. There is an exception for medical emergencies. Make sure you report your accident to local law enforcement or state law enforcement right away, such as the Summerlin Area Command of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD). 
  2. Seek Prompt Medical Care for Any Injuries: Large truck accidents can result in terrible injuries. Of course, severe injuries require immediate emergency care. Beyond that, any other injuries still need to be evaluated by a licensed doctor. It is very common for truck accident injuries to arise with a delayed onset. It can take days to feel the full effects of whiplash, back pain, or a traumatic brain injury. 
  3. Be Sure to Thoroughly Document the Crash: A semi-truck accident should be well-documented. You cannot rely on a trucking company, its insurance carrier, or your own insurer to conduct a fair and impartial investigation. Take photographs, get witness contact details, request a copy of the police, and secure any other relevant evidence.  
  4. Consult With a Top Summerlin Accident: Before you agree to provide a recorded statement to any insurance carrier, it is imperative that you set up a free consultation with a Summerlin truck accident lawyer. Your attorney will review your case, answer questions, explain your options, and help you take aggressive action to get justice and compensation. Many times a truck accident lawsuit is the best way to ensure you get full compensation.

An Overview of Truck Accident Liability in Nevada

In Nevada, a trucking company is not automatically liable for a crash. Our state is a fault-based motor vehicle accident jurisdiction, including for semi-truck accidents. To hold truck drivers, truck companies, or truck manufacturers liable for a collision in Summerlin, you must prove that their negligence contributed to the crash. The party found to be negligent—meaning they failed to act with the level of care that a reasonable person would in similar circumstances—can be held at fault. 

Nevada is a modified comparative negligence state (N.R.S. § 41-141). Under this system, a truck accident victim’s compensation is reduced by their percentage of fault. For example, imagine that truck drivers are 75% at fault and that you are found 25 percent to blame for your own truck accident in Summerlin. If you suffered $40,000 in total damages, you would be liable for $10,000 of those losses (25 percent). However, if a victim’s liability exceeds 50 percent, they are denied the right to bring a claim by Nevada law. 

The Most Common Reasons Why Truck Accidents Happen in Nevada

Although commercial trucking crashes can happen for a wide range of different reasons, they generally can be prevented with the proper safety precautions. Every large truck accident in Summerlin should be thoroughly investigated to determine exactly what went wrong. Some of the leading causes of tractor trailer accidents include: 

  • Drunk Driving
  • Unqualified or Undertrained truckers; 
  • An overly fatigued truck driver; 
  • Truckers speeding to meet strict schedules; 
  • Distracted truck drivers; 
  • Overloaded or poorly loaded trailers; 
  • Lack of proper pre-trip/post-trip inspections; and
  • Truck manufacturer defects. 

A Two-Year Statute of Limitations for Commercial Truck Accidents

The statute of limitations for semi-truck accident claims in Nevada is two-years from the date of the crash (N.R.S. § 11.190). You only have a limited window of time to bring a legal claim. Do not let yourself fall behind the trucking company or the insurance carrier in the legal process. Consult with a Summerlin tractor trailer accident lawyer right away after a serious crash. 

We Help Truck Accident Victims in Summerlin Maximize their Recovery 

In Nevada, truck accident victims have the right to pursue compensation for the full value of their harm—including for economic damages and intangible damages. Unfortunately, a truck driver and trucking companies and their insurance providers fight aggressively to minimize their own liability. They are not on your side. We are here to level the playing field. Our Summerlin, NV semi-truck accident lawyers are prepared to help victims seek financial relief for: 

  • Vehicle repairs or replacement; 
  • Emergency room care; 
  • Medical bills including Hospital and extended medical care; 
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitative treatment; 
  • Loss of wages and loss of earning power; 
  • Pain and suffering & emotional distress; 
  • Long-term disability and/or physical impairment; and
  • Wrongful death of a family member.  

Truck Accident Claims in Summerlin, Nevada: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Provide a Statement to the Truck Company’s Insurance Provider?

No—at least not until you consult with an experienced Summerlin semi-truck accident lawyer. Large commercial trucking companies are defended by big insurance carriers. These companies want to pay out as little as possible in settlement negotiations. They train their adjusters to try to elicit statements that can be used against injured victims in the claims process. Always work with insurance providers through an attorney. 

How is Fault Determined in a Tractor Trailer Accident Crash in Nevada?

Evidence. Fault in a truck accident in Nevada is determined through evidence such as police reports, witness statements, trucking company records, and accident reconstruction analysis. All serious tractor trailer accidents should be thoroughly investigated by an experienced truck accident attorney. 

Can I Still Seek Compensation if I was Partially at Fault for a Truck Accident in Summerlin?

Absolutely. Nevada is a modified comparative negligence jurisdiction. Injured victims—including truck accident victims—can seek financial compensation even if they were partially at fault for a crash, so long as that fault was less than 51 percent but the majority of the fault was with the truck driver. Do not accept fault for a crash. Let a Summerlin semi-truck accident attorney handle fault. 

How Our Summerlin Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help 

Commercial truck accident claims can be exceptionally complex. You do not want to take on a large corporation alone. Our founding attorney Scott Poisson has more than three decades of experience handling high stakes accident and injury claims. We are proactive and we put results first. Along with other things, our Summerlin semi-truck accident lawyers will: 

  • Hear your story about your involvement in a trucking accident and answer questions about legal rights and legal options;
  • Investigate your semi-truck accident—gathering the evidence you need to prove fault; 
  • Represent you in any settlement discussions with insurance companies to cover expenses related to medical bills; and
  • Take your semi-truck crash claim as far as needed to get the best outcome. 

We put the best interests of our clients first. Following a tractor trailer accident, victims and families need personalized representation. Listen to what our clients have to say, our history of case results, and/or reach out to our Summerlin tractor trailer accident attorney directly with any specific questions or concerns about your case. 

We Handle Semi-Truck Crash Claims in Summerlin On Contingency 

Hurt in a large truck accident in Summerlin? You may be concerned about the cost of a lawyer. There is good news: You never pay any out-of-pocket expenses or hourly bills with High Stakes Injury Law. We handle slip and fall accident cases in Summerlin on a contingency fee basis. We only get paid when you get paid. Initial consultations with an attorney are always free and fully confidential. 

Contact Our Summerlin Truck Accidents Lawyers for a Free Consultation

At High Stakes Injury Law, our Summerlin semi-truck accident attorneys are skilled, diligent, and justice-first advocates for injured victims. We are on your side when you need help the most. Were you or your loved one hurt in a crash involving an eighteen wheeler? We are here to help. Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation initial case review. Our firm handles semi-truck accident claims in Summerlin, Clark County, and throughout Nevada.

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If you are in need of a wonderful law firm to handle your personal injury case please read this. Three years ago I was that person. I had never filed a lawsuit in the 30 years that I lived in Las Vegas Nevada… rust in this firm, they will not disappoint you and you will feel the confidence that you need to feel in your attorney.

- Diane Buchanan

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I just hired this law firm to help me after an accident. I really appreciated Attorney Poisson contacting me to discuss all the things to anticipate when involved in a lawsuit. He spent a lot of time with me, he was very informative, he was very thorough and very nice. I really appreciated that time spent with me.

- Susan Russell




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If you or a loved one were injured due to the negligent or reckless actions of others, you’re no doubt feeling overwhelmed. It’s scary to think how quickly you can go from living your normal life to having everything upended. Even worse, your normal life is probably now replaced with growing medical expenses, ongoing therapy, and replacing damaged property at a time when being away from work is resulting in lost income. Fortunately, an experienced attorney can help you face these difficulties head-on.

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