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Pedestrian Accident

What Happens if You Hit a Pedestrian Jaywalking?

Pedestrian accidents can be particularly devastating, and the consequences can be severe for both the pedestrian and the driver. If you hit a pedestrian who was jaywalking, you may be wondering about the legal implications and what happens next. What is Jaywalking? Jaywalking is a term used to describe a pedestrian who crosses the street […]

Who Is at Fault When a Car Hits a Pedestrian?

Not every case of a car hitting a pedestrian results in the driver bearing fault. In your case, the driver could be at fault, the pedestrian could have acted negligently, or some other party could have acted (or failed to act) in a way that caused or contributed to the accident. Who Could Be at […]

Can a Pedestrian Hit By a Car Get Compensation?

Yes, it is possible for a pedestrian who was hit by a car to get compensation. In order to secure it, you must prove the other party’s negligence. How much your medical care costs, the severity of your injuries, and how the accident impacted your overall well-being all influence your final award. You Must Prove […]

Can Jaywalkers Be Liable for a Crash in Nevada?

When a pedestrian gets hit by a car, most people immediately assume the driver is at fault. Often that assumption is true. Drivers are more protected than pedestrians, and drivers have a duty to yield to a pedestrian in their path. That said, a jaywalking pedestrian may be held partially, if not fully, liable for […]

Sparks Pedestrian Crash Leaves Man Dead

A fatal pedestrian accident in Sparks, near Reno, is under investigation by the Nevada Highway Patrol. The victim, a 38-year-old man, was said to have been walking on McCarran Boulevard and attempted to cross at Nichols when he was hit by a gray Ford Explorer. The driver, Sean Bardin, 42, was driving south when the light […]

Toddler Killed In Pedestrian Crash

A two-year-old girl died when she ran into traffic and was hit by an oncoming car, according to police reports. The child escaped from her home and ran into the road where an oncoming van, unable to see her in the dark, ran over her, followed by a second car. The crash took place near Pecos […]

Did She Jump? Man Defends Pedestrian Crash

An Elko man is standing trial on charges of DUI related to an accident that killed his fiancée. Jason Frazier, 38, had pleaded not guilty to charges that he killed Kelli Cantrell, 46, by driving over her with his vehicle at the Winecup Ranch near Wells. According to police reports, Frazier told officers that he […]