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Workers Compensation

The Legal Responsibilities of Employers in Workplace Accidents

What Are the Legal Responsibilities of Employers in Workplace Accidents? Workplace accidents can have devastating consequences for employees, causing physical injuries, emotional trauma, and financial hardships. In such cases, it is crucial to understand the legal responsibilities of employers and the rights of the injured workers. What Are Some Relevant Laws? In Nevada, employers have […]

What Are Permanent Work Restrictions and What Do They Mean?

What Are Permanent Work Restrictions? Permanent work restrictions are limitations placed on an employee’s ability to perform certain tasks due to a work-related injury or illness. These restrictions are determined by a medical professional and are intended to protect the employee from further injury or harm. How Are Permanent Work Restrictions Determined? Permanent work restrictions […]

Does Workers’ Compensation Pay a Full Salary?

Workers’ compensation does not pay a full salary in Nevada. Depending on your physical restrictions after sustaining an injury at work, you could qualify for up to two-thirds (66.66 percent) of your former weekly wages. Even though this is not a full salary, workers’ compensation benefits were designed to help injured workers survive financially while […]

What Does TTD Mean?

If you suffer an injury while at work and you need to submit a workers’ compensation claim, you may encounter a term called TTD. TTD means temporary total disability benefits, and it is a calculation that determines the amount of benefits to which you as the injured party are entitled. According to the State of Nevada […]

Workers Compensation In The State Of Nevada

Workers who have suffered injury or illness at their place of employment are allowed to seek workers compensation in the state of Nevada. Although workers comp is offered to you, many insurance carriers will deny your care or make you jump through ridiculous hoops just to receive simple medical treatment. It is important to know your rights […]

Man Falls From Tree Bucket

A Las Vegas man was critically injured when he fell from a tree-trimming bucket, according to recent reports. He was transported to an area hospital where he remains in unknown condition. The man was working near Sandhill Road and Russell Road when he apparently fell from the bucket. The victim was a subcontracted employee of NV […]