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Study Reveals Prevalent Fear Of Retaliation By Nursing Home Residents Regarding Reporting Abuse

There are statistics available from a plethora of sources that indicate not only that the population of the United States is collectively aging, but also that the need for nursing home beds is going to increase rapidly over the next 20 - 30 years. These statistics should serve as a warning for people who will be advancing to an age where they will encounter this need, and it should also serve as a red flag for family members of people who will encounter this need. The reason for this attitude is because problems with nursing home abuse and neglect have been difficult for too many people in the past and they could become worse in the future as demand grows and pressure on assisted living facility staff members rises.


Many people, unfortunately, believe that instances of nursing home abuse and neglect are only going to become more common as more people make use of this living arrangement. The truth of the matter is that most people simply do not want to think about these problems, especially with regards to a loved one. People have a difficult enough time making the decision to push a relative into an assisted living center when they can no longer safely care for themselves. They tend to feel guilt and they tend to wonder if they are somehow shirking their responsibility even though in all likelihood people in this position are simply unable to provide the care their loved ones need. However, family members who visit relatives or friends in nursing homes can fulfill their responsibilities to those that they love simply by being vigilant.


Regular visits are obviously encouraged for the good of the resident, but they should also occur so that any signs of problems that may arise can be handled promptly and properly. Based on the results of a recent study, that need for vigilance may be critically important. Researchers at the University of Connecticut recently completed a study of nursing home residents regarding the possibilities of abuse and/or neglect. While many residents feared that this could happen to them, the most striking finding was that nearly 25 percent of those studied admitted that they would fear retaliation if they were to report an incident that constituted abuse or neglect.


Obviously, this means that many people who would be forced to endure these experiences would not say anything to anyone. This is a reality that can be rationalized by family members or it can be met head-on. It is not the fault of family members if abuse or neglect takes place, but people who suspect that this conduct may be occurring need to trust their instincts and do something if they are concerned. One step that could be taken here is to obtain the advice of Las Vegas nursing home abuse lawyers who can help families take proper steps to bring about an end to this mistreatment.

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