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What To Do After A Hit And Run Accident in Las Vegas

What Constitutes a Hit and Run Accident in Las Vegas?

In Las Vegas, a hit and run accident refers to an incident where a driver involved in a collision leaves the scene without identifying themselves or providing assistance to the other parties involved, as required by law. In legal terminology, this is known as "failing to perform the duties required following an accident," and it is a criminal offense in Nevada. The penalties for this can range from fines to imprisonment, depending on the severity of the accident and injuries involved.

What Immediate Actions Should I Take After a Hit and Run?

If you find yourself the victim of a hit and run, your initial actions can profoundly impact any subsequent legal actions. First, assess your injuries and call 911 if immediate medical attention is required. Second, document the incident as best you can. This includes noting the time, location, and any eyewitness accounts. Third, if possible, take pictures of the scene and any damage to your vehicle.

What Role Do Witnesses Play?

Witness testimony can be pivotal in hit and run cases. Bystanders, other drivers, or even security cameras can offer insights into what transpired, potentially providing crucial evidence for identifying the fleeing driver. Collecting contact information from witnesses at the scene can be helpful for future legal proceedings.

How Should I Report a Hit and Run?

In Nevada, you are legally obligated to report a hit and run accident to the police. Failure to do so can result in penalties, including the suspension of your driving privileges. The police will generate an accident report, which serves as an essential document for any insurance claims and potential lawsuits. The more details you can provide, such as the make and model of the fleeing vehicle or a license plate number, the better the chances of apprehending the responsible party.

How Do Insurance Companies Handle Hit and Run Accidents?

In most cases, victims of hit and run accidents turn to their own insurance companies for compensation, particularly if the offending driver remains unidentified. However, insurance companies can be reluctant to pay out claims without a thorough investigation. Your policy may include Uninsured Motorist Coverage, which typically covers hit and run incidents, but terms and conditions can vary.

What Are the Legal Deadlines for Filing a Claim?

Known as the "statute of limitations," Nevada law sets a time limit for filing a lawsuit related to a hit and run accident. Generally, you have two years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit and three years for property damage claims. If you fail to file within these timelines, you may lose the right to legal recourse.

What Types of Damages Can I Seek?

In legal parlance, "damages" refer to the monetary compensation you can seek following an accident. In the case of a hit and run, you may be entitled to a range of damages including medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, and emotional distress. The calculation of these amounts is often complex, requiring expert testimony and thorough documentation.

How Can an Experienced Lawyer Help?

Navigating the aftermath of a hit and run can be a convoluted and stressful experience. An experienced attorney can provide invaluable assistance by guiding you through the legal maze. From helping you file timely and comprehensive insurance claims to representing you in court, a knowledgeable attorney can be the difference between inadequate compensation and a fair settlement.

What Are the Criminal Repercussions for Hit and Run Drivers?

If identified, drivers who commit hit and run offenses in Las Vegas can face severe criminal penalties, which may include imprisonment and substantial fines, depending on whether the accident resulted in injury, death, or property damage. Being convicted of a hit and run can also lead to the suspension or revocation of driving privileges and could substantially increase insurance premiums.

How Can the Community Prevent Hit and Run Accidents?

Community awareness is crucial for preventing hit and run accidents. Publicizing the severe legal repercussions, encouraging ethical driving behavior, and sharing safety tips can all contribute to reducing the frequency of these unfortunate incidents. Additionally, improved surveillance and prompt reporting can aid law enforcement in identifying and apprehending guilty drivers. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, call High Stakes Injury Law at (702) 707-5934 for a free case evaluation.

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