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How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You?

The odds are never in your favor when facing the aftermath of a motorcycle accident on your own. 

Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer

With complicated laws, insurance companies trying to minimize their payouts, and the physical and emotional toll of the accident itself, you need a knowledgeable and experienced personal injury attorney to help.

But how can a Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer help you navigate the legal system and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve?

High Stakes Injury Law educates accident survivors about the benefits of comprehensive and compassionate legal support when they face incredible medical bills, emotional damages, and an uncertain future. 

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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Often, another party's negligence or recklessness causes the motorcycle rider's fault.

An accident injury lawyer proves vital in this understanding, especially when:

  • Other drivers fail to see the motorcyclist on the road and cause a collision
  • Road hazards such as potholes, debris, or uneven surfaces contribute to an accident
  • Defective motorcycle parts lead to mechanical failure
  • Drivers were engaging in distracted driving behaviors such as texting or eating while behind the wheel
  • Drivers were under the influence of drugs or alcohol, impairing their judgment and reaction time

A motorcycle accident lawyer can investigate the details of your case to determine who is truly at fault. 

This ensures that you receive proper compensation from the other driver's insurance company, the manufacturer of defective motorcycle parts, or the entity responsible for maintaining safe road conditions.

What Are the Most Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents?

Knowing the common types of motorcycle accidents won't stop you from getting into one. However, it will help you more confidently recognize the negligence or fault of those responsible for damages.

The most common types of accidents that a lawyer can assist with include:

Head-on collisions
  • Head-on collisions: These occur when a vehicle crashes directly into the front of a motorcycle, often resulting in serious injuries or fatalities for the motorcyclist. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help investigate the cause of the collision and hold the at-fault party accountable for their actions.
  • Rear-end collisions: These accidents can occur when a car fails to stop in time and crashes into the back of a motorcycle. A lawyer can help determine negligence on the part of the driver, such as distracted driving or following too closely.
  • Left-turn accidents: Many drivers fail to see a motorcycle when turning left, leading to dangerous accidents. A lawyer can help prove that the driver was at fault for not properly checking for oncoming motorcycles before turning.
  • Failure to yield accidents: Similar to left-turn accidents, drivers may fail to yield the right of way to a motorcycle, causing a collision. A lawyer can help gather evidence from witnesses and accident reconstruction experts to prove the driver's negligence.

This list is far from exhaustive but does highlight that many common accident scenarios aren't always what insurance companies would have you believe. 

With the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer, you can be sure that all contributing factors and parties will be considered when determining compensation for damages.

Where Do Motorcycle Accidents Occur Most Often?

Motorcycle accidents can occur anywhere. For example, in Las Vegas, Nevada, a popular destination for motorcycle enthusiasts, there are thousands of accidents in areas such as:

  • The Las Vegas Strip: With heavy traffic, pedestrians, and multiple lanes of traffic to navigate, the Strip is a common location for motorcycle accidents. 
  • Interstates and highways: High speeds, changing lanes, and merging traffic can make interstates dangerous for motorcyclists. 
  • Rural roads: Poorly maintained roads, lack of signs or signals, and limited visibility can all contribute to accidents in these areas. 
  • Residential areas: Even in quiet neighborhoods, accidents can occur due to drivers failing to check for motorcycles or not following traffic laws.
  • Parking lots: With cars backing out and pedestrians walking through, parking lots can be chaotic and dangerous for motorcyclists. A lawyer can help determine fault in these situations, especially if inadequate lighting or signage warns drivers of motorcycles.

These areas aren't just common locations for motorcycle accidents in Las Vegas but in Clark County and Nevada as a whole. 

Fortunately, you can rest assured that no matter where it happened, your right to fair compensation will not be affected with the help of award-winning personal injury lawyers.

What Injuries Do Motorcycle Accidents Cause?

Even seemingly minor accidents can lead to severe injuries, as motorcyclists are less protected than drivers in cars or trucks.

The most common injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents include:

  • Road rash: This is a term used for skin abrasions and scrapes that occur when a rider's unprotected skin comes into contact with the pavement during an accident. It can range from mild to severe, depending on the speed and impact of the crash.
  • Broken bones: The force of impact in a motorcycle accident can easily break bones, including arms, legs, ribs, and collarbones. These injuries often require medical treatment, such as surgeries and physical therapy.
  • Head and brain injuries: Even with a helmet, motorcyclists are at risk of sustaining head and brain injuries in an accident, which can have long-term effects on quality of life.
  • Spinal cord injuries: When a car or truck hits a motorcycle, there is usually damage to the spinal cord. This may result in paralysis or other permanent disabilities.
  • Internal injuries: The force of an accident can cause damage to internal organs, leading to serious health complications and the need for medical treatment.

Physical harm isn't the only type of injury that can result from a motorcycle accident. Many victims also experience emotional and psychological trauma, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), vehophobia, or anxiety.

What Damages Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help Me Recover?

The most important answer to "How can a motorcycle accident lawyer help me?" is by recovering maximum compensation for economic, non-economic, and sometimes punitive damages, including but not limited to:

  • Medical expenses: This includes all costs associated with treating injuries from the accident, such as emergency room visits, surgeries, hospital stays, medication, and physical therapy.
  • Lost wages: If the victim cannot work due to their injuries from the accident, a lawyer can help recover damages for lost wages and potential future earnings.
  • Property damage: A motorcycle accident can also damage or total the victim's bike. A lawyer can help recover compensation for repairs or replacement of the motorcycle.
  • Pain and suffering: Non-economic damages refer to emotional distress and physical pain caused by an accident. A lawyer can help calculate these damages and seek compensation on your behalf.
  • Loss of enjoyment of life: If the accident has resulted in a permanent disability or loss of ability to participate in activities that were once enjoyed, a lawyer can help recover damages for this loss.
  • Punitive damages: When at-fault parties were incredibly reckless or negligent, a lawyer can help seek punitive damages as a form of punishment for their behavior.

Every case is unique, and the specific damages you can recover will depend on the details of your accident. 

At High Stakes Injury Law, we don't just settle; we fight for maximum compensation for our clients. Get your free case evaluation to learn how much your motorcycle accident case is worth.

Can I Rely on an Insurance Company After a Motorcycle Accident?

Many motorcyclists assume they can rely on their insurance company to care for them after a motorcycle accident. However, this may not always be the case.

Motorcycle Accident

Insurance companies are for-profit businesses that will often try to minimize payouts to protect their bottom line. In some cases, they may even deny legitimate claims altogether.

This highlights how a motorcycle accident lawyer can help you.

Injured parties often see higher payouts thanks to their ability to provide:

  • Detailed evidence: A lawyer can gather and present all necessary evidence to help prove your case and demonstrate the extent of your injuries. This may include medical records, police reports, witness testimonies, and expert opinions.
  • Experienced negotiation: A lawyer will know how to navigate the complex world of insurance negotiations and fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. They also have a better understanding of the value of your case and will not settle for less than you deserve.
  • Litigation expertise: If your case needs to go to court, a lawyer can represent you before a judge or jury and argue for your rights as an injured party.

In short, relying on an insurance company to fully take care of you after a motorcycle accident is a risk. Hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer ensures your rights and best interests are protected throughout the legal process.

Motorcycle Accident FAQ

How long do I have to file a motorcycle accident claim?

The statute of limitations for filing a motorcycle accident claim varies by state. It is typically within two years from the accident. With recovery from catastrophic injuries keeping you from filing a claim within that time frame, a personal injury lawyer is vital in ensuring you do not miss out on compensation.

What should I do if the insurance company offers me a settlement?

Never accept an initial settlement offer from an insurance company without consulting with a lawyer first. These offers are often much lower than what you may be entitled to, and a lawyer can help negotiate for a fairer amount.

Can I still file a claim if I was partially at fault for the accident?

Yes, it is possible to still file a claim even if you were partially at fault for the accident. This is known as comparative negligence, and depending on your state's laws, you may still be able to recover damages for your injuries.

How long does it take to settle a motorcycle accident claim?

The time it takes to settle a motorcycle accident claim can vary greatly, depending on the case's complexity and whether or not it goes to court. However, an experienced lawyer can work efficiently to resolve your case as quickly as possible while still fighting for maximum compensation.

How much is my motorcycle accident case worth?

The value of a motorcycle accident case can vary greatly depending on the specific damages and circumstances involved. The most accurate valuation will always come from a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

How Can a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Help You? Find Out With a Free Consultation at High Stakes Injury Law

It is easy to avoid dealing with the legalities of a motorcycle accident and instead choose to rely on an insurance company. However, this can often result in receiving less compensation than you deserve for your injuries and damages.

At High Stakes Injury Law, our team of experienced motorcycle accident lawyers is dedicated to fighting for maximum compensation for our clients. 

Contact us today for your confidential case evaluation and discover how we can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.



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