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Medical Malpractice lawyers in Paradise NV

If your healthcare provider injured you or someone you love, you may be entitled to compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. A Paradise medical malpractice lawyer from High Stakes Injury Law can fight for your rights and help you recover the money you need to heal after medical malpractice leaves you injured. Call us today at (702) 707-5934 to learn more and to receive your free consultation.

Recoverable Damages in Medical Malpractice Claims

Your lawyer from High Stakes Injury Law could help you pursue compensatory damages if you or your loved one was injured in any of these ways, as well in any other ways caused by your healthcare provider’s negligence.

Economic Damages

According to NRS §41A.007, economic damages are meant to compensate you for your “medical treatment, care or custody, loss of earnings, and loss of earning capacity.” This means that your financial losses, both past and future, are included under this category.

If you need ongoing medical care due to your injuries, this is just as valid in a lawsuit as your immediate healthcare needs. The same can be said for your ability to work. You may potentially receive compensation not only for the work that you have already missed but also for your future inability to work due to your injuries.

Non-Economic Damages

According to NRS §41A.011, non-economic damages are meant to compensate you for your “pain, suffering, inconvenience, physical impairment, disfigurement, and other non-pecuniary damages.”

At High Stakes Injury Law, we know that serious injuries hurt more than just your bank account—they affect every aspect of your life. Past and future physical pain and emotional and mental suffering can stop you from participating in activities you once enjoyed. Suddenly, your favorite hobbies are off-limits, and your day-to-day life has to be altered to accommodate your new reality.

Medical Malpractice Claims that Might Be Similar to Yours

There are several foundations for medical malpractice claims that we often see in our practice, but they all center around a healthcare provider’s negligence. Healthcare providers are not just doctors; they can also be:

  • Nurses
  • Dentists
  • Optometrists
  • Psychologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Physical therapists
  • Surgical technicians
  • Hospitals

Anyone who is licensed to provide you with medical treatment can potentially be held liable for their negligence.

Failure to Diagnose and Misdiagnosis

If your doctor fails to diagnose your condition or misdiagnoses you due to negligence, you can be hurt in two different ways. On one hand, you may receive medications, medical treatments, and even surgeries that are unnecessary and have adverse effects on your health. On the other hand, you will simultaneously not be aware of (or even receive treatment for) your true medical condition, allowing it to worsen and continue to harm your health.

In both of these circumstances, your healthcare provider has failed to perform their medical duty of care the way another provider with similar education and experience would have.

Failure to Treat

Even if you receive the appropriate diagnosis in a reasonable amount of time, that does not help unless you receive the appropriate treatment. If you are not treated (or are treated inappropriately) for your health condition, then your healthcare provider may be held liable for your continued ill health or any worsened symptoms. A Paradise medical malpractice lawyer can help you hold the negligent parties responsible.

Surgical Errors

Mistakes in surgical operations can be life-threatening and cause lasting medical issues. Surgeons may operate on the wrong body part or even the wrong patient.

Additionally, surgical equipment may be left behind in the body, or surgeries may have been recklessly performed. Such procedures can cause internal injuries.

If you can show that these errors were due to the negligence of the healthcare providers, the hospital, or a medical equipment manufacturer, then you may have a case for bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Birth Injuries

Childbirth comes with many risks, and birth injuries that harm the mother and her child serve as a common basis for medical malpractice claims. Negligent healthcare providers can cause lasting injury and even death. Nerve damage, fractures, hemorrhages, and even brain damage can all occur during birth.

Prescription Errors

Just as in cases of failure to diagnose, prescription errors can harm you by causing adverse effects and failing to treat your true medical condition. Prescription errors can be the fault of the doctor, the nurse, the pharmacist, or an administrative staff worker.

Pursuing Compensation Through a Medical Malpractice Claim or Lawsuit

If you would like to recover damages after being hurt by a healthcare provider’s negligence, then your next step might be to begin pursuing compensation through teaming up with a lawyer. With the help of a lawyer familiar with medical malpractice cases, you can show who is responsible for your injuries and how much they owe you for the damage they caused.

Your lawyer can use this experience not only to advocate for your rights before a judge or jury but also to negotiate with insurance companies on your behalf—to achieve a fair outcome for you and your family.

Let an Attorney Help You File Your Case within the Statute of Limitations

According to NRS §41A.097(2), the statute of limitations for bringing a medical malpractice lawsuit in Nevada is generally one year from the time of the incident. Your time for filing is limited, so the sooner you get in contact with a Paradise medical malpractice lawyer from High Stakes Injury Law, the sooner we can start working. Call us today at (702) 707-5934 to learn more and to receive your free consultation.

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