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Car Accident lawyers in Paradise NV

Getting hurt in a car accident in Paradise, Nevada, is a frightening experience. Dealing with serious injuries, missing time from work, and handling insurance negotiations can only add to your emotional distress. Yet, you do not have to battle the other party’s multibillion-dollar insurance company by yourself.

A Paradise car accident lawyer can fight your legal battles while you get the rest you need. We can determine whether you have a case, estimate the value of your damages, and negotiate a settlement with the liable insurer. Call us today at (702) 707-5934.

The Danger in Waiting to Talk to a Lawyer

NRS §11.190(4)(e) notes that you must file a lawsuit within two years of the accident. If you do not file your case before this deadline expires, you risk forfeiting your right to compensation.

The insurance company may purposefully drag out the claims process, hoping that you will be unaware of the state’s filing deadline. Once the allotted time passes, the adjuster will stop returning your phone calls.

High Stakes Injury Law can help you understand how Nevada’s statute of limitations applies to your case. They can also explain any other pending deadlines that may affect your situation.

Damages in Paradise Car Accident Injury Claims

It is not possible to estimate the amount of compensation you could pursue until we talk to you and investigate your case. The types of damages you could go after will depend on the facts of your situation. The American Bar Association (ABA) reminds us that injured claimants may be eligible to recover the following damages:

  • Lost income. If you did not get paid your regular salary or wages because of the accident, we can add this amount to your injury claim. It is also possible to recover other forms of income, like bonuses, self-employment, and tips.
  • Future loss of earning capacity. Sometimes, an injury will leave the person with residual problems, like loss of strength or mobility. If ongoing impairment causes a person to decrease their working hours or take a lower-paying position, they might have a claim for future loss of earning capacity.
  • Past, present, and future medical costs. Usually, a person injured in a car accident can pursue the cost of necessary medical treatment from the party who caused the collision. Additionally, the negligent party might have to pay for the medical treatment that the injured individual will need in the future because of the crash.
  • Past and future pain and suffering and mental anguish. Although these costs can be a challenge to measure in dollars, these things have value and are legitimate aspects of an injury claim. How much you can expect to recover for these types of damages will depend on many aspects of your car accident case.

What We Have to Prove to Establish the Liability of the At-Fault Party

Even though you were injured by another party’s negligence, the burden of proof is on you. You will need to present evidence that shows that the other party did not uphold their civic obligation to keep others safe.

To secure a financial recovery on your family’s behalf, we will have to show all four of these elements:

  • Duty of care. The other driver must have owed you a legal duty of care, but this element is not hard to prove. Every driver must operate their motor vehicle safely and comply with traffic laws when driving on public roads.
  • Breach of duty. “Negligence” means that someone did something that failed to meet the standard legal duty of care. For example, when someone tailgates other drivers, it is negligence because tailgating is not safe driving, and it violates traffic laws.
  • You must prove that the other party caused the collision. For instance, if the other party was tailgating other drivers on the interstate and struck another vehicle from behind as a result, this information could satisfy this element.
  • You must have financial, emotional, or physical damages as a result of the accident. Economic damages could satisfy this element.

Once we have the evidence to show all four of these elements, we can pursue a case for monetary damages.

Call the Attorneys at High Stakes Injury Law to Learn About Your Legal Options

We offer our support on a contingency-fee-basis. We do not ask our clients to pay anything upfront or out of pocket for our legal aid. If we win your case, we will take payment for our help out of your insurance settlement or court award.

At High Stakes Injury Law, we negotiate directly with insurance companies so that our clients do not have to do so. Jack Bernstein and Scott Poisson have been working together to protect people’s rights for more than two decades. You can call us today at (702) 707-5934 to get started.

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