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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Enterprise NV

If you or a loved one slipped and fell on another party’s property, suffering serious injuries, you could be entitled to financial recovery. An Enterprise slip and fall injury lawyer can handle the work involved in filing a successful personal injury claim or lawsuit.

You do not need to handle your legal obligations alone. Call High Stakes Injury Law at (702) 707-5934.

Hire a Lawyer to Help You Secure Damages

You do not need to have anxiety about pursuing a fair settlement. We are here to support you. Jack Bernstein and Scott Poisson have been protecting the rights of accident victims since 1997.

You might want to consider hiring a lawyer for the following reasons:

We Will Manage Communications with the Insurance Companies

Some insurance companies try to intimidate people who have suffered injuries in slip and fall accidents. Our team will take calls from the insurer, and we will advise you regarding what a fair settlement would be in your circumstances. Once you accept a settlement from the liable party, you cannot seek further damages.

We will give you all of the resources and advice you need to make an informed decision on whether to accept a prospective offer.

We Will Gather Evidence to Support Your Case

The success of your personal injury case will hinge on the types of evidence that support it. Your lawyer can evaluate your circumstances and collect various forms of information that could help your case. The police report, your medical treatment records, and statements from eyewitnesses could support your side of the story.

Additionally, the team at High Stakes Injury Law works on a contingency-fee-basis. We do not require our clients to pay any retainers for us to start working for them.

You only owe us our attorney’s fees if we secure compensation on your behalf. Furthermore, our attorney’s fees will come out of your settlement or judgment.

You Could Recover Compensation for Your Damages

The circumstances of your accident and injuries will give your lawyer insight into how to build your case.

We can help you if:

You Fell While Working

While you likely cannot sue your employer, we can help you seek damages from a negligent third party who could have contributed to your injuries.

For instance, if you slipped and fell due to exposed cords in a walkway, you could have a case against the party who allowed this hazard to exist.

You Fell on Public Property

You might be able to file a lawsuit against the municipality whose job it was to keep you safe. There might be a timeline specific to these kinds of cases. Your lawyer can discuss such details with you.

You Fell on Private Property

A homeowner may have had a duty of care to keep you from getting hurt. For instance, if they knew that their staircase had a loose floorboard, and they did not fix it, an Enterprise slip and fall injury lawyer could file a claim with their homeowner’s insurance policy.

See a Medical Professional After Getting Hurt

Following your accident, make sure that you get medical attention. This way, you can have your injuries diagnosed and begin a treatment plan. It is important that you follow your doctor’s orders.

You want to heal as best as you can; attempting to speed up the process could end up worsening your condition. It could also harm your claim for compensation, as it could give the other party the opportunity to say that you did not take your recovery period seriously. Such an accusation could lead to an argument that you do not deserve a settlement.

Note all of your symptoms in a journal and take photos of your injuries. Both of these things can serve as evidence.

Slip and Falls Can Cause Many Types of Injuries

Most hip fractures are caused by falls, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Other injuries that could entitle you to damages could include internal bleeding, lacerations, and nerve damage.

While your physical injuries could earn you compensation, your pain and suffering is also compensable. Financial recovery could also cover the treatments your injuries required.

Possible Types of Damages You Could Recover

Aside from your medical costs, other damages could be included in your claim. You may be able to recover loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and loss of future earning capacity.

Your attorney will assign value to your various losses, then add all of these values together. The monetary sum of your damages will serve as the basis of our negotiations.

We Can Help You Recover Wrongful Death-Related Damages

If your aim is to seek compensation for a loved one who passed away due to injuries suffered in an Enterprise slip and fall, we can also help you. Your Enterprise slip and fall injury lawyer can work with you during this difficult time to recover the losses associated with your loved one’s passing. These types of cases can be difficult to start, but we are ready to be a shoulder you can lean on.

We will aim to settle your case with the insurance company. If not, then we can file a lawsuit. Negotiations will continue after we do this.

We could get the other party to agree to a settlement before the court date. Otherwise, we will represent your case and interests in court. At this point, we could help you recover compensation in the form of a court award.

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Any party that failed to uphold their duty of care should face justice. The liable party should have addressed the hazard that hurt you. By failing to do so, this constitutes negligence for which you should recover compensation.

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