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How Much Is a Rear-End Truck Accident Worth?

How Much Is a Rear-End Truck Accident Worth?

How much a rear-end accident is worth depends on several factors. We can review your accident and losses in order to determine how much your specific accident may be worth in awards. We may need to gather as much information as we can before determining how much your specific accident is worth.

Accidents involving large trucks may generally be worth more because trucks can cause severe injuries. Still, every accident is unique, and we will do what is necessary to calculate the cost of your losses.

We Will Rely on Documentation to Calculate Your Losses

The losses that you suffer because of a truck accident may be documented. As we try to determine how much your accident is worth, we will review such documentation to determine:

  • How much income you have lost because of your injuries, which your past earning statements may show
  • How your accident has affected you psychologically, which testimony from mental health professionals may show
  • What your specific injuries are, as shown by medical records
  • The amount of reasonable and necessary medical bills
  • The amount of possible future care
  • The type of medical treatment received
  • The type of medical treatment needed in the future
  • The symptoms that your injuries have caused

We may rely on other forms of documentation to support the existence of your losses. This sort of documentation could be beneficial to us as we argue for a financial settlement.

Health-Related Losses May Be Particularly Costly

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explains that the average cost of harm from reported large truck accidents is $91,112. This figure includes the cost of emergency services and medical costs that truck accident victims may require for their injuries. The cost of healthcare may be among the most expensive losses for you or your loved one.

Some specific types of healthcare expenses that you may face now or in the future are the cost of:

  • Emergency care provided at the scene of your accident
  • Ambulance transportation from the scene of your collision
  • Emergency department care
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Stitches and other types of care for your wounds
  • Surgery
  • Any period of hospitalization that your injuries required
  • Follow-up medical appointments

Injuries from truck accidents vary in their type and severity. Injuries that you suffer could have lasting symptoms, as the Mayo Clinic explains that ailments like traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) may affect you not just physically but also cognitively.

How much your rear-end truck accident is worth will likely depend on the injuries that you or your loved one have been diagnosed with. We will help you access the medical care you need and keep an ongoing record of your injuries and treatments.

We Will Document Your Losses and Seek Compensation

We can lead your case for compensation, and doing so means that we will document your losses and carry out a number of related tasks. After your accident, you may find your normal routine in disarray. You may have to dedicate time and energy to receiving medical care and working on your recovery.

Meanwhile, you may be trying to figure out how your injuries impact your professional life. Handling a lawsuit on your own may add to your slate of responsibilities, which is why truck accident victims may choose to hire a lawyer. We will handle the following responsibilities for you or your loved one:

Telling the Story of Your Accident

We will become familiar with the story of your accident. Beyond that, we will recreate your accident as part of your argument for compensation. In order to document your accident, we may:

  • Visit the scene of your accident, time permitting
  • Review any video footage of your accident
  • Collect and organize witness accounts
  • Hire experts to make a recreation of your accident

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that drivers almost always cause motor vehicle accidents (rather than other causes like weather conditions). Therefore, our retelling of your accident may involve a driver acting in a way that makes them liable for your losses.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

We will learn what amount of compensation you deserve. Your financial losses, as well as other losses like pain and suffering, will let us know how much you may want to settle for.

During the negotiations, you may receive settlement offers that are less than the amount you deserve. We will negotiate for a higher amount and ultimately seek to negotiate a settlement that compensates you fairly.

Do Not Wait to Call an Attorney

Truck accident victims may face legal deadlines for filing a lawsuit or insurance claim. You may want to call us as soon as you can about beginning your case for compensation. Call the lawyers at High Stakes Injury Law today at (702) 707-5934 to complete a free consultation.

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