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Sexual Assault Lawyers in Winchester NV

Sexual assault is deeply personal, and such an attack often leaves victims feeling powerless and broken. In many cases, survivors of sexual violence are left to pick up the pieces of their lives, with many not knowing where to start. Finding closure is also personal to each individual who experiences this, but some survivors take legal action to help them recover from their injuries and gain the strength and support they need to move forward with their lives.

If you experienced sexual assault and want to pursue a claim or civil lawsuit to seek compensation, a Winchester sexual assault lawyer from High Stakes Injury Law may be able to help you. You can speak to a representative today at (702) 707-5934 during a free, confidential consultation.

Proving Premises Liability in a Sexual Assault Case

If your attack took place on any premises where one could reasonably expect security, you may be able to hold the property owner or other entity accountable if it can be proven that lax security contributed to your attack. Premises owners have a duty of care under state law to provide a safe environment for their guests and protect them from harm, particularly if it is foreseeable harm. They also are responsible for warning others about any potential property hazard if they are unable to fix the safety issue promptly.

They may be able to do this in various ways, including:

  • Monitoring the premises with a security camera surveillance system
  • Hiring security staff (for example, club bouncers or door personnel at a hotel or residential building)
  • Installing alarm systems or gated systems (such as at an apartment complex)
  • Securing windows, doors with working locks, alarms, and other security hardware as needed
  • Protecting combination codes and passwords to ensure limited access
  • Ensuring all areas are well-lighted and cleared of debris and brush
  • Increasing security after an incident happens

If security lapses or negligent security led to or had a role in your sexual assault, you may be able to pursue the premises owner or manager for compensation. A Winchester sexual assault lawyer with High Stakes Injury Law could help you hold them responsible with a claim or lawsuit. To learn more during a free consultation, call a team member at (702) 707-5934 today.

Compensation a Lawyer Could Help You Pursue

Sexual assault survivors can suffer trauma that can set them back physically, emotionally, and psychologically in many ways after an attack. Post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional disturbances could require ongoing care long after the physical wounds have healed. Seeking legal recovery can help survivors regain some financial stability when it comes to paying expenses due to the attack.

They may be able to seek compensation that can help them manage their lives again, such as:

  • Medical treatment (emergency and ongoing)
  • Lost or reduced wages
  • Loss of employment
  • Property damage
  • Other expenses related to the attack

They may also be able to recover compensation for non-economic losses, such as:

  • Past and future mental anguish
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma
  • Loss of life enjoyment

If you are a survivor of sexual assault and you have questions about the compensation you may be able to seek, you can consult with an attorney about what you could pursue in a claim or lawsuit.

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We at High Stakes Injury Law know that rebuilding your life after a sexual assault is not easy. We can help guide you through this challenging time with legal help.

A Winchester sexual assault lawyer may be able to help. Call us today at (702) 707-5934 for a free consultation and to learn if you could be entitled to financial awards that can help you move forward.

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