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If you have determined that the at-fault driver in your case was speeding, it is important that you act quickly and speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are often slow to pay damages, even when their insured driver is at fault. You may also find that it is difficult to get another driver to admit fault, even when he or she is clearly in the wrong.

At High Stakes Injury Law, our Las Vegas auto accident attorneys have the experience and resources needed to help build you a solid injury case. With 60+ years of legal experience, our team has recovered over 50 million dollars. We are available 24/7 and will come to you for your initial, no-obligation case evaluation.

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Speeding is considered the third leading contributor to crashes, right behind distracted driving and impaired driving. While speeding seems like a harmless infraction of the law, these limits are imposed to ensure all drivers and passengers remain safe on the road. When these limits are ignored, crashes do occur which often result in serious injuries and even death.

If you have been involved in a crash caused by a speeding driver, you may have grounds for a car accident claim. Speeding is against the law and is seen as a negligent act. When determining who is liable in a personal injury suit, the court looks for negligence. If you can show that the at-fault driver was speeding and that his or her recklessness caused the accident, the driver may be responsible for your damages. This includes your medical bills, pain and suffering, and even lost wages.


While this may seem straightforward, it is important to note that injury claims can be extremely complicated, drawn out, and difficult to win if a person is not familiar with the law and legal procedures. However, an experienced attorney can help you gather the evidence needed to show negligence and guide you through the process of holding that driver accountable.

The team at High Stakes Injury Law in Las Vegas thoroughly understand personal injury law and have helped countless victims receive the compensation they deserve. Rather than tackling this problem on your own, focus on your recovery while we fight for your compensation. We have the resources, experience and determination you need to build a solid case and set you up for the best chance at a positive outcome.

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“After being in an accident my friend told me to call High Stakes Injury Law. A lawyer named Brian came to my home to meet with me and started my claim immediately. The legal team was extremely efficient, responded back to me quickly, listened to my concerns, and handled everything with speed and accuracy. Every step of the way was communicated. I received my settlement in 10 months’ time. I highly recommend using Berstein and Poisson. Thank you for helping get my life back on track.”

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