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Truck Accident Lawyers in Paradise NV

Catastrophic injuries in truck accidents usually mean more expensive claims against the negligent party’s insurance company. Because of the amount of money at stake, insurers tend to defend against these cases aggressively.

You do not have to battle the multibillion-dollar insurance company and all of its claims adjusters, investigators, and defense attorneys by yourself. A Paradise truck accident lawyer at High Stakes Injury Law can protect your legal rights and go after the careless party who hurt you. Call us today at (702) 707-5934 for a no-cost consultation.

The Statute of Limitations in Nevada

Please do not wait too long to talk to us. Nevada’s statute of limitations, NRS §11.190(4)(e), only gives you two years from the accident to file a lawsuit seeking monetary damages for your losses. Filing a claim with the insurance company does not stop the clock on the statute of limitations.

What Happens When Both Parties Were Partly at Fault

Nevada follows the “modified comparative fault” theory. According to NRS §41.141, you can still recover some compensation if your fault was not more than 50%.

The law will reduce the amount of your settlement or award by the amount of your negligence. Let’s say that you were 25% responsible for an accident in which you sustained $100,000 in losses. The modified comparative fault rule will reduce your recovery by 25%, which is the amount of your fault, leaving you $75,000.

We understand that these legal theories can be a bit confusing, but you do not have to learn the law to get the money you deserve. A Paradise truck accident lawyer at High Stakes Injury Law can handle your injury claim, even if you were partly at fault in the Paradise truck accident.

Three Things to Do After a Paradise Truck Accident

Most people do not realize that the things they do after a truck accident can significantly impact how much compensation they ultimately receive for their losses. They assume that the financial value of a claim gets determined at the accident scene, but many variables days, weeks, and months afterward can lower the amount of money damages or even cause an injury claim to get denied.

Every situation is different. You should always do what makes sense in your circumstances. Here are a few suggestions of things that you might want to consider doing after getting hurt in a truck accident:

Finish Your Medical Treatment

We assume that you already got medical attention for your injuries by the time you read this. If you have not yet seen a doctor, you should get a professional examination right away. You might have hidden injuries that will not show symptoms before they cause a medical crisis.

We will use your medical records to establish multiple essential components of your injury claim. Medical records can show the severity and extent of your injuries. These files can also be evidence of your medical costs.

Unless there is a significant reason not to do so, you should complete your prescribed medical treatment. We know how inconvenient it is to go to physical therapy for months, but you must finish your treatment plan. If you do not attend all of the sessions, the at-fault driver could argue that you would have healed better with all of the therapy sessions, so you should get less money for your injuries.

Resist the Temptation of Social Media

For many of us, hopping onto social media is part of our daily routine. Getting hurt in a truck collision would seem to be a “post-worthy” event, but posting any comments or pictures about the accident or your injuries could backfire on you.

When you have a personal injury claim, you should stay off of social media and ask your family not to post anything about the collision or your condition. The other party’s liability insurer can get access to your social media accounts during the case. They can take your postings out of context to devalue your claim.

Why Work with a Paradise Truck Accident Lawyer?

The sooner you talk to a personal injury lawyer, the better. You can avoid mistakes that could take money out of your pocket by having an attorney advise you and handle your claim.

Claims adjusters love to work on “pro se” cases, in other words, claims that do not involve lawyers. The adjuster can drag out the negotiations, hoping that the injured person will not know about the statute of limitations and miss the deadline. If that happens, you forever lose the right to go after compensation for your losses.

Recorded Statements

Another trick that adjusters use is to ask the injured claimant to provide a recorded statement. You should not give a recorded statement because these things only benefit the insurer and hurt your case.

The insurance company can “cherry-pick” the transcript and twist your words into something you did not intend. Adjusters often use recorded statements as their justification for denying claims or paying injured parties less money than they deserve.

These are just a few reasons why it makes sense to work with a personal injury lawyer at High Stakes Injury Law on your truck accident injury claim. We work tirelessly to get our clients all the compensation they deserve.

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