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Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in North Las Vegas NV

If you got hurt in a motorcycle crash in North Las Vegas, you might have medical bills piling up and no way to pay them. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you might not be able to work for a prolonged period of time. A North Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer from High Stakes Injury Law could manage your personal injury case so you can recuperate from your injuries.

We are proud to help people who get hurt because of the carelessness of others. We will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve so that you can rebuild your life. If your close relative died in a motorcycle accident, we might be able to go after additional compensation for their legal beneficiaries.

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Pitfalls to Avoid After a Motorcycle Crash in North Las Vegas

Without a background in personal injury law, handling your case by yourself could be difficult. Working with a lawyer from the beginning is a good strategy because doing so can prevent you from making any mistakes that could hurt your claim.

Here are a few examples of pitfalls to avoid after a motorcycle accident:

Not Knowing the Deadline

Every state limits the amount of time a person has to file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. If you are seeking compensation for nonfatal injuries, you have a personal injury claim. However, if you lost a close loved one, you could have the foundation of a wrongful death case.

Nevada’s statute of limitations, otherwise known as NRS § 11.190(4)(e), gives most claimants two years to file a personal injury or wrongful death claim. Time spent negotiating with the insurance company or recuperating from your injuries does not halt this deadline.

The claims adjuster from the at-fault person’s insurance company knows the deadline. It is surprising how quickly two years can pass after a devastating event. Some adjusters pretend to negotiate with injured people in good faith, only to “ghost” them as soon as the deadline passes.

After the two-year limit runs out, the defendant and their insurance company do not have to pay you a penny. A personal injury lawyer could help you avoid this problem.

Accepting a Lowball Settlement Offer

Unless you work in the insurance industry or legal field, you probably do not know the monetary value of your damages. You do not want to make any assumptions regarding the cost of your accident-related expenses.

Claims adjusters seldom explain to people that they have to pay for all of their losses (including medical bills, lost wages, and everything else) out of one check. What might initially seem like an adequate settlement offer may still leave you with out-of-pocket expenses. Working with a lawyer can help you understand what constitutes a fair settlement offer.

Settling Your Claim Before Completing Medical Treatment

You should not settle your personal injury claim until you complete your doctor’s recommended course of medical treatment. Many people finish the initial round of medical procedures that their doctor prescribed, only to find out at the follow-up visit that they will need additional treatment to reach maximum medical improvement.

Suppose that you had surgery and several months of physical therapy. Toward the end of your physical therapy treatment plan, the claims adjuster contacts you and offers to settle your injury claim. It is risky to accept an offer at this time.

If you settle your case and your doctor says that you need another surgery, you will have to pay for that procedure out of your own pocket. After you settle your claim, your case is over regardless of your financial situation.

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A North Las Vegas motorcycle accident lawyer could protect your legal rights and help you rebuild your life. You can call High Stakes Injury Law today at (702) 707-5934 for a free consultation.

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