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Truck Accident Lawyers in Crystal NV

A truck driver may have been driving dangerously at the time that their vehicle struck your own vehicle or the vehicle that your loved one was occupying. A Crystal truck accident lawyer will identify the reasons why your accident happened and pursue compensation from those who are responsible for your losses.

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A Lawyer Will Seek Compensation for You

A truck driver may be responsible for paying for your losses. A truck driver may not be the only person who is responsible for your losses or may not be liable at all. Determining who is responsible for your losses is one of the ways that a lawyer can serve you or your loved one.

The following parties could be defendants from whom your lawyer seeks compensation.

The Truck Driver

The NHTSA found that the driver was the cause of 94% of studied accidents. Based on this statistic, the driver of the truck involved in your accident may be the party who is at fault for your losses.

Your lawyer may organize evidence to show that the at-fault truck driver caused your accident. They will collect any evidence such as video footage that may show your accident happening. They may also recreate your accident with help from engineers or other types of experts.

The Truck Driver’s Employer

Truck drivers may not generally own their own vehicles. Even if they own their truck, they may have been driving as an employee when your accident happened. The truck driver’s employer could have liability for your accident, as employers may generally be accountable for the actions of their employees.

If any other party has liability for your accident, then your lawyer will name them as a defendant in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

You May Be Entitled to Compensation for Your Losses

Truck accidents may cause unwanted changes in your life, and these changes may be referred to as losses when you are seeking compensation. Losses can include the passing of your loved one and injuries, each of which may cause related problems and losses.

Your lawyer will speak with you about your losses. They may inform you of losses that you are not yet aware of and will try to determine which losses you could suffer in the future. They will put a value on your current and future losses and seek compensation through a settlement.

Medical expenses, lost income, funeral costs, past and future pain and suffering, and property damage are among the losses that may entitle you to awards.

Driving Behaviors that May Cause a Truck Accident

Truck drivers may generally follow the same behavioral guidelines that other drivers should. However, they must also be aware of the problems that can come from a trucks’ abnormally great weight. Trucks may not stop as quickly as other vehicles and may need to take turns at slower speeds than lighter vehicles to avoid turning over.

Because of these dangers, truckers who tailgate or speed may pose a clear threat of colliding with other vehicles. Other truck driver behaviors that may cause an accident are:

  • Changing into a new lane without checking blind spots
  • Using a cellphone while driving, which the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) explains is against the law
  • Running traffic signals
  • Running traffic signs like stop or yield signs
  • Veering out of one’s lane unintentionally

Truckers must also account for any load that they carry. Failing to properly secure their load could cause the load to fall into the road. It may also cause the driver to lose control of their truck.

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