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Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers in Crystal NV

The act of slipping and falling can cause your body to crash into a hard surface. Body parts such as your head may strike a hard surface without anything breaking your fall, and other body parts could sustain injuries as well. If you or your loved one suffered a slip and fall injury in Crystal, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

A Crystal slip and fall injury lawyer can assist you. They will help you complete a legal case, whether you lost a loved one from a slip and fall injury or you were injured yourself. Call High Stakes Injury Law today at (702) 707-5934 to participate in a free consultation to see if we can help you.

Who May Be Responsible for Your Slip and Fall Injuries

Losses from a slip and fall incident may generally stem from either a death or injuries that were not fatal. In either case, a lawyer will aim to secure compensation for the losses that you have experienced, and this will require them to find out who is responsible for your fall.

A property owner may generally be responsible for those who are injured on their grounds. A property owner may have failed you or your loved one in multiple ways, including the following.

Failing to Properly Staff Their Business

If the property where you or your loved one fell was a business of any kind, then the property owner may have failed to maintain an adequate number of staff on the premises. Failing to employ an appropriate number of people could lead to hazards like spills being undetected.

Failing to Monitor Their Business

A property owner must take reasonable care to monitor the safety of their business. This means:

  • Regularly doing the rounds to spot spills, clutter, and other slipping hazards
  • Training employees to monitor the property and remove slipping hazards
  • Using tools like video cameras to help monitor the property

Taking measures like hiring adequate employees may not be of much good if those employees do not actively monitor the property for slipping hazards.

Failing to Inform You of Slipping Hazards

Some slipping hazards may not be immediately removable. Broken flooring material or a spilled hazardous material may take time to remove. In these cases, a property owner must ensure that the area where the hazard exists is clearly marked and isolated so that individuals like yourself are not at risk of slipping and falling.

Property owners who failed to protect you or your loved one from injury could be liable for your past and future pain and suffering, medical costs, lost income, and other forms of loss. If your loved one passed away because of a slip and fall-related injury, then a lawyer will determine the ways in which their loss has negatively affected you and your family. A lawyer may assist you by:

  • Defending your rights
  • Identifying liable parties
  • Completing a lawsuit on your behalf
  • Negotiating for fair compensation
  • Handling all lawsuit-related communications so that you can worry about recovering from your injuries

A lawyer will represent you throughout your pursuit of justice.

Injuries Can Cause Many Losses

Injuries that you suffer because of slipping and falling may cause many losses in your life. An injury may have caused you to lose a loved one. Some injuries may prevent you from working for a long period of time.

The Mayo Clinic explains that traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), one of the injuries that may come from a fall, can cause long-term health complications. Along with preventing you from working, such health complications may cause:

  • Physical limitations that diminish your ability to move, exercise, and live life as you did before your injuries
  • Emotional disorders
  • Problems with personal relationships
  • Financial stress

Injuries can change virtually every feature of your life and may cause losses that are both financial and non-economic. A Crystal slip and fall injury lawyer will make a record of all of your losses and assign economic value to each of them. They will negotiate a settlement based on the value of your losses.

Injuries that May Come from Slipping and Falling

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explains that certain groups (namely older adults) may be at a greater risk of being injured when they slip and fall. However, slipping and falling could potentially cause injury in anyone who strikes a surface hard enough or at a dangerous angle.

There is no set group of injuries that may be caused by a slip and fall accident—every fall is different, and injuries may vary greatly from one fall to another. That said, some injuries that may occur because of you slipping and falling are:

  • Brain injury
  • Skull injury
  • Broken bones throughout the body
  • Internal bleeding
  • Spinal cord injury

These are broad injury categories. If you have not already, seek medical attention. A doctor or other medical professional may:

  • Examine you for injuries, including those which you may not currently be aware of
  • Conduct any necessary imaging tests to uncover and diagnose your injuries
  • Provide formal diagnoses of your injuries
  • Provide a plan for your recovery

Some injuries may not be visible. Not all injuries cause pain, and other injuries may only cause pain after days or weeks. A doctor may be able to protect you from suffering further harm because of injuries related to your slip and fall.

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